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- TOS are non-negotiable, though I am more than willing to clarify.
- Prices vary depending on complexity.
- Same or next day completion is the typical; however sometimes it may take up to a week if the piece is on the complex side.

$10/piece up to 2 minutes, and $5 for every additional minute thereafter.
$6 for each page of lyrics, or $3 to augment pre-written lyrics.
$50+ for a recording played on an actual piano, and $20+ for singing lyrics.

- Subject to my TOS.
- All pieces are original songs composed with Musescore.
- Will partner with Latte to compose more complex songs; find his work here.

Terms & Conditions:
> I reserve the right to post the finished work to my portfolio/social media. However, I will not sell it—the work is yours.
> I require 50% payment after I send the initial preview. This is non-negotiable. (In the case of $5 commissions, I require full payment after the sketch.)
> Each commission price covers the cost of 3 edits to the finished piece. After that, the price goes up by $5 for every 3 edits.
> I accept Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle payments. I also accept gift cards on a case-by-case basis—let me know before I start the sketch.
> The prices shown are the base prices. Ergo, if you have a particularly complicated concept you want me to draw, it may increase.
> The finished commission may be used privately or commercially; but, if the work is shared, I must be credited. Either my name, website, or social media must be clearly displayed in connection with my artwork.
> You may resell the work. However, you must have my name/website/social media attached.
> I have the right to refuse any commission that I deem inappropriate or uncomfortable, and I do not do NSFW in any form.

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